Meet-ups and Events

The New Common embraces the sharing of knowledge, new ideas and common interests and as such regularly holds meet-ups and events where common interests can be explored, knowledge shared, new ideas pitched, connections made and good times had!

The New Common’s unique roof-top space and funky industrial interiors make it a cool space for people to get together.  We regularly organise and curate meet-ups at The New Common as well as share the space with others who organise and run their own events.

There is an application process to use the space for meet-ups and events (we have coffee or a beer and talk themes and logistics) where we can discuss your planned timing, the theme and make sure it is a fit for the space, the values of The New Common and the community we work with.

If you would like to discuss holding a meet-up at The New Common get in touch and we’ll schedule a time to catch-up to discuss.